Review and Test Prep

IB AP Psychology Test Prep and Review

IB Psychology Diploma Programme All IB candidates need to download and keep in notebook
IB Paper 3 - Best Review Sources

John Crane's IB Review Page - Excellent, includes additional links within his website

Outside Review Sources - Google Docs

Student Produced Review Sheets
Paper 1 Questions on Perspectives PDF MSWord
Dysfuntional Behavior PDF MSWord
Dysfunctional Treatments PDF MSWord
Psychodynamic Perspective PDF MSWord

Learning Perspective 08 MSWord

Temporary Files
Repap 1 Yam 04
Repap 1 Mark Scheme Yam 04
Repap 2 Yam 04
Repap 2 MS Yam 04
Repap 3 Yam 04
Repap 3 MS Yam 04
Repap 1 Von 06
Repap 1 MS Von 06
Repap 2 Von 06
Repap 2 MS Von 06
Repap 3 Von 06
Repap 3 Von 06


AP Test Content
Do's and Dont's of Extended Essays

Charts and Diagrams

Perspectives - pros and cons



Essay Writing
Erik Erikson's Psycho-Social Stages of Development
IB Internal Assessment Checklist
How to prepare for the IB Psychology Exam (Crane)
Intelligence Outline (AP Review)
The Normal Curve (PPT)