About the Instructor

Peggy Walker
European History AP
Psychology IB
Newbury Park High School
Newbury Park, CA
Ventura County/CTAP
Technology Mentor

Travel Highlights
I was born in Northern California and raised in Utah. I resided in Las Vegas for four years and have lived in Southern California since 1982. I love to travel and have explored much of the Western U.S. After graduating from college I spent a summer in Guatemala. In 1999 I participated in Toyota's first International Teacher Program and traveled and studied in Japan. It was a wonderful experience and made me eager to travel more. I planned my family dream vacation and during the summer of 2000 our family trekked across six European countries. As a European History teacher, I loved the entire trip. In 2001 I was fortunate to spend a week at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. as an American Memories Fellow researching and writing document-based lessons. I absolutely fell in love with the staff, the collections and the awesome on-line digitized treasures. As a recipient of the 2004 Teachers in Excellence Award Program, I participated in a cross-cultural exchange. In July 2004, 36 American educators met with 105 teachers from ten countries of the former USSR at a conference at Chico State. I
n October 2004 I flew to Kiev and lived for two weeks in Odessa with a teacher of English. Living with locals and teaching high school students in Ukraine was an incredible experience. I returned one week before elections. Following Ukrainian politics took on a whole new light. A dream came true when I traveled to China in 2006. Hiking along the Great Wall was incredible. Sharing the experience with good friends made it unforgettable.The highlight of my summer was participating in the resident program at Mount Vernon. It is easy to admire George Washington. Studying his life and contributions in depth brought a greater appreciation of his character and integrity.

My Life as an Educator
I graduated from Utah State University with a double major in Marriage & Family and Sociology and a minor in Psychology at the age of 21. I became a teacher almost by accident. Too young to be taken seriously as a marriage counselor, I interned for a year as a teacher and discovered that I love to teach. I also love to learn. I am fortunate to have a job that I enjoy so much. I hate to lecture and get most excited when students have fun learning. In 1995 I completed my Master's degree in Educational Psychology at CSUN. I teach World History, AP European History, and IB/AP Psychology. I am also a technology mentor and help teachers improve their computer skills.

When I'm Not Working . . .
My favorite time is spent with my family. I am happiest with a house full of teens and young adults with lots of activities going on or sitting on the sidelines watching my children play sports. I spend too much time on my computer and seldom watch television. I would rather relax with a good book. I love to swim and enjoy water and snow sports. During the summers I relax, travel, visit relatives, attend workshops and teach technology classes.

Web Sites I Like
The Library of Congress website is by far my favorite site. I can spend hours exploring the resources, lessons, collections and features. Our Documents is also a favorite.
My favorite search engines are Google and Altavista. Librarian's Index is my favorite directory.