European & World History AP/Honors

Term One Project 2008-09

The term one project is a two-part assignment designed to enrich your knowledge of Modern European and World History.   Completion of these assignments provide rich background information and prepares students to jump into history at the dawn of the modern era.  Students will be reading
The Prince

All handouts and assignments needed to complete the project are available in PDF format.  To download them you will need the free reader.  Newer browsers will have Adobe Reader already installed.  If your browser is not already enabled download the
free Adobe Reader here.

Introductory Letter to 2008-2009 Students

Questions for The Prince

Online support
Online Study Guide
View The Prince online in Http format and inText/Zip.

Responses to The Prince will be due mid September. Students will betested on the content.

The Prince must be turned in electronically and as a hard copy to your teacher. The submission date will be the date it is uploaded to