European & World History AP/Honors

AP Prep and Review

The following review materials can be downloaded in pdf format and used to review. Below is a collection of review materials created by teachers and students.

Review Terms by Chapter (Speilvogel)

How to Analyze Information

DBQ Core Scoring
DBQ Generic Rubric
Essay Writing Format
European History Themes

Review Handouts

Critics, Reformers and Philosophers
Famous Documents and Treaties
Economic Theories Chart
Economic Theories Outline
Types of Economic Systems
Review of Major European Wars
Trends-Women in European History
Trends - Social
Past A.P. Essay Questions
Essential Dates to Know (A bit of overkill)
Art by Periods

Awesome Student Complied Review


Early Modern Review - 1450 - 1750
Return of the Review - 1750 - 1870
Review Finale - 1870 - Present

Charts to Complete

Historical Events:Cause and Impact
Key Date Graphic Organizer
Points of Conflict

Review Terms

Chapter 11
Chapters 12 & 13
Chapters 14 & 15
Chapters 16 & 17
Chapters 18, 19 & 20
Chapter 21 & 22
Chapters 23 & 24
Chapters 25


Lyrics to Oliver Cromwell
We Didn't Start the Fire (Billy Joel) FLASH
We Didn't Start the Fire Lyrics with links
A.P. Test Tips

Renaissance Hall of Fame (50 Famous People)
Exam Magic (Short Chapter Reviews)
Mrs. Mendelsund's Review Quizzes (Click on "Review/Practice Quizzes")