European & World History AP/Honors

World & European History AP Period 2 & 3

Use weekly calendars to find out:

  • What happened while you were absent
  • What homework you are responsible for
  • When assignments are due

Remember, periods 2 & 3 alternate days with English Honors. "A" classes meet on Monday and Wednesday. "B" classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is a split day. "A" classes meet the first 45 minutes. "B" classes meet the second 45 minutes.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: New grades are posted. Review session will be Monday from 5 - 7 in the library.


WEEK TEN : April 11 - 15
Between the Wars & WWII

Class Activities
Assignments Due

Monday/ Tuesday,
April 11/12

Rise of Nazis
Heil Hitler - Confessions of a Hitler Youth
Japanese Imperialism
Fighting on Three Fronts

Chapter 27 WWII (Due Monday Tuesday) Review Session 5-7 @Library
Print out Chapter 14 & 15 Terms for

Wednesday/ Thursday, April 13/14

Fighting Continued
End WWII in Europe
Nuremberg Trials



Friday April 15
Trial of Adolf Eichman
End of Subterm I Term II


WEEK ELEVEN : April 18 - 22

Class Activities
Assignments Due

Monday/ Tuesday,
April 18/19

War in the Pacific
Decision to drop the bomb

Chapter 28 Outline (Due Friday) Chapter 27 WWII

Wednesday April 20

Getty Fieldltrip



April 21/22

The Bomb and Mr. Tanimoto
Video clip – Hiroshima

TEST-Between Wars & WWII

Chapter 29 Outline (Due Wednesday/ Thursday)