European & World History AP/Honors

World & European History AP Period 2 & 3

Use weekly calendars to find out:

  • What happened while you were absent
  • What homework you are responsible for
  • When assignments are due

Remember, periods 2 & 3 alternate days with English Honors. "A" classes meet on Monday and Wednesday. "B" classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is a split day. "A" classes meet the first 45 minutes. "B" classes meet the second 45 minutes.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Distinguished Speakers Series - Rosalyn Carter -Tuesday, January 11. See Mrs. Walker for tickets.
Projects approved for extension are due Friday, January 7th.

WEEK SEVENTEEN : January 3 - 7
Reaction & Revolution

Class Activities
Assignments Due

Monday/ Tuesday,
January 3/4

DBQ - German Question or DBQ - Irish Question

Finish DBQ for Friday

Chapter 20 & 21 Study Guide (Due Friday, January 14)


Wednesday/ Thursday,
January 5/6

The Emerging Political Spectrum

Video – Industrial Revolution in England
Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth

Friday, January 7
Why England?
Industrial Revolution Editorial
Critique DBQs - Use rubric and guide to assess you own. Trade & assess classmates.





WEEK SEVENTEEN : January 10 - 14
Industrial Revolution

Class Activities
Assignments Due

Monday/ Tuesday,
January 10/11

Why England?
Finish Rostow's Stages of Economic Growth
Introduce Industrial Revolution Editorial
Research Industrial Revolution Editorial

Industrial Revolution ESLR Assignment
Industrial Revolution ESLR Rubric


Wednesday/ Thursday,
January 12/13

Research Industrial Revolution Editorial
Responses to Industrialization

Stephenson's Rocket
Spinning Mill
Cotton Millionaire
Muck & Brass

Women's Rights
Friday, January 14
Analyzing Art - Neoclassical/Romantic/Realism

Test - Industrial Revolution next class

Chapter 20 & 21 Study Guide