European & World History AP/Honors

World & European History AP Period 2 & 3

Use weekly calendars to find out:

  • What happened while you were absent
  • What homework you are responsible for
  • When assignments are due

Remember, periods 2 & 3 alternate days with English Honors. "A" classes meet on Monday and Wednesday. "B" classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is a split day. "A" classes meet the first 45 minutes. "B" classes meet the second 45 minutes.

Grades posted will appear on report cards. This is NOT a final grade.
Projects approved for extension are due the first Friday in January.

WEEK SIXTEEN : December 13 - 17
French Revolution & Reaction

Class Activities
Assignments Due

Monday/ Tuesday,
December 13/14

Interview With Napoleon
TEST - French Revolution & Napoleon
MAP – Europe 1815 (After Napoleon)

Finish Map using Spielvogel page 611
Age of Diplomacy – 1st page completed for your country
Last name
A – F Austria
G – J Prussia
K – M Russia
N – R England
S – Z France
Napoleon - Midget or Giant?
Chapter 19

Wednesday/ Thursday,
December 15/16

Monroe Doctrine
Age of Diplomacy
Metternich System
Metternich System – Research your country’s revolt by year
Use Palmer Chapter 11, 12 and Spielvogel Chapter 21 for information.
MAP – Europe 1815 (After Napoleon)
Age of Diplomacy – 1st page completed for your country
Friday, December 17
The Metternich System
Report on your revolt

Palmer Chapter 12 Questions
(Due Wednesday)
Palmer Ch 12 Interactive Chronologies

(The Emerging Political Spectrum)



Reaction & Revolution

Class Activities
Assignments Due

Monday/ Tuesday,

DBQ - German Question

Finish DBQ for Friday
Use rubric and guide to assess you own. Trade & assess classmates.

Chapter 20 Crossword Puzzle


Wednesday/ Thursday,

The Emerging Political Spectrum

Video – Industrial Revolution in England
Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth

Chapter 20 & 21 Study Guide  
Friday, January
Why England?
Industrial Revolution Editorial

Industrial Revolution ESLR Assignment
Industrial Revolution ESLR Rubric