Syllabus - IB Psychology

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IB Psychology at Newbury Park High School is designed to support students working toward a full IB diploma. Motivated students wishing to challenge themselves by completing a college level course and taking the IB exam in May are also given priority registration status. The emphasis of the course will meet the requirements for the Standard Level. Students striving for Higher Level will cover more content and research at a more advanced level. Higher Level requires approximately 100 additional hours and planning with Mrs. Walker.

Standard Level

The psychology syllabus at SL is divided into four parts:
perspectives, option, research methodology and simple experimental study.

Part 1: Perspectives
The following perspectives will be studied in depth.
• The biological perspective
• The cognitive perspective
• The learning perspective
• The humanistic perspective (required HL)

Part 2: Option
The following options will be explored. SL Students will prepare for in-depth testing in two of the options. HL students will test in three.

• Lifespan Psychology
• Psychodynamic
• Psychology
• Health Psychology
• The Psychology of Dysfunctional Behaviour
• (Social Psychology)

Part 3: Research Methodology
Research methodology is a significant part of the course. It is comprised of the following elements.
• Introduction to research methods
• Ethics
• Quantitative research methods
• Qualitative research methods (HL required)

Part 4: Simple Experimental Study (Internal Assessment)
Knowledge of research methods will be applied in the study and completion of a simple experimental study. A discussion of ethics and use of quantitative research methods are required elements.
(HL - An experimental study using qualitative research methods as well)

Cultural, Ethical, Gender and Methodological Considerations
These four considerations will be used to evaluate the theories and studies, where
appropriate, in each perspective and option.