Primary Documents

Library of Congress and More

Use the online resources provided by museums, libraries, authors, research organizations, etc. around the world to add a new dimension to your libraries resources and classroom curriculum.

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world.  They are undertaking the enormous task of digitizing the collection.  Take advantage of this resource by exploring the following links

Library of Congress Resources
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Library of Congress Resources

Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
Political Cartoons
How to Use LOC Resources - Important guides to searching, linking and saving, viewing, listening, printing, citing sources and more
--How to Link and Bookmark LOC Resources - with Flash animated directions
--How to View and Listen
LOC Tools and Guides
The Learning Page
--What are primary sources?
--Using Primary Sources
--Evaluating Primary Sources
--Searching American Memory
--Discovering American Memory Treasure Hunt
--The Historian’s Sources - Lesson Plan
--Objective Observation - Lesson Plan
COOL LOC Resources
Zoom into Maps - Great LOC Map collections, tools and activities
Slavery - Good Example of Document Based Research
Collaborative Digital Collections - Bilingual multimedia digital libraries
--Parallel Histories (Example of collaborative library in English/Spanish)
LOC Exhibitions
The Motion Picture Camera Goes to War - Spanish American War and More

LOC Scrapbooks
Miller Scrapbooks - Women's Suffrage
Actual Miller Scrapbooks
Lewis Carroll Scrapbook Collection
Sir Francis Drake Collection - Kraus Collection
--Sir Francis Drake Timeline - annotated with artifacts
--Sir Francis Drake Contemporaries - The Actors and their Stage
Other Sources for Primary Documents
Our Documents - Awesome Original Documents
--Tools for Educators - includes free downloadable teacher sourcebook, meeting standards with documents, ideas for librarians and more
Chronological U.S. Historical Documents - University of Oklahoma College of Law
The Papers of George Washington - Searchable database of Washington's writings and drafts
Eurodocs - Primary Documents of Western Europe
The National Archives and Research Administration
Teaching with Documents - Document based lessons with chronological index from 1750 to the present

NARA Primary Source Analysis Handouts
Cartoon Analysis Worksheet
Written Document Analysis Worksheet
Photograph Analysis Worksheet
Poster Analysis Worksheet